Elegant, clean, even fancy

CSS, Custom WordPress theme

Can a school have a website that is not only informative, but also pleasant to use? The website for Salvation Christian Academy uses ample negative space to let the content breathe freely, with blurs and transparencies that harmoniously enhance the content, and a hidden menu that elegantly unravels only when it’s needed. Quickly navigate through the site, thanks to the lean, custom-built WordPress theme.

A different kind of responsive

Javascript, CSS, PHP, Custom WordPress theme

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The term “WordPress” should not equal to “cookie-cutter template”. Print NW needed a custom-designed website. This WordPress theme was created from the ground up to not only match their design blueprint exactly, but to also implement a non-standard layout. Instead of reflowing, the whole layout continuously scales as the browser window is resized. Also, the sub-menus dynamically snap to the nearest button edge.

Style makeover


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Homepage of

Even though NA PUTI and House of Hope websites are created using the same WordPress theme “Kause”, they bear little resemblance to each other or the original theme. This was possible due to the extensive use of custom CSS.

Simple, but attractive


Olea Painting - screenshot, wide
Olea Painting - screenshot, narrow
Olea Painting Portfolio - screenshot, wide

Olea Painting is a residential and commercial painting contractor. This simple, yet attractive website was hand-coded, based on the client’s draft. Created using just PHP, this website does not use a CMS or a website template.



Eloquence is a web design and development portfolio of Artem Marchenko. Freelancing since 2012, I’ve been coding in JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and Ruby.

Currently open for hire in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

Contact me at [email protected].